Come work or play


The lounge has plenty of room for students to relax on couches and chairs, or they can study or socialize around the science-themed end tables

Attention students! The new L Building addition is opening soon!

The tentative date for the outside building to be completed by is Spring 2018 but students will be able hopefully start using the new room by the end of next week.

“It’s going to be cool when it’s done,” Detroit Spectrum Painter, Greg Rose, says.

The bright green room is fitted with several large work stations each having their own television, a lounging area and if students walk straight from the math den down the additions corridor turning left as the hall opens up three vending machines are placed for snacking convenience.

“It looks nice, it’s very well lit,” sophomore, Gale Selden, says. “I love the natural lighting.”

Selden, when asked, also noted that she would defiantly utilize this space when it becomes available to students to do her homework.

The next building in line to be remodeled are the East and West Tech Buildings.

Progress for these buildings are set for Summer 2018 and will take at least a year to complete says Jack Burns, Director of Campus Planning and Facilities.