Study Abroad: British Isles 2019

McKinley Striggow

Agora Staff



The average Tinder profile describes a person as a traveler at heart.

But how about kicking it up a notch and have an above average profile full of travelling photos?

Spots are still available to the British Isles in 2019, but the deadline to enroll is coming up quick. The deadline to register is September 30, 2018.

The sooner students and community members sign up for the trip, the sooner a monthly payment price is locked in.

The total price of the trip is between $3,929 and $4,449. Using the second amount for monthly pricing, students and community members who sign up by the month of February will have a total of 14 months to divide the cost by. That would be 14 payments of $281.

“The sooner the better,” Wendy Wysocki, professor of business and economics said.

If students or community members wait until the September 30, 2018 deadline, the monthly payments grow to $561 with the last payment being in April 2019.

For students who make this deadline, Wysocki wants to stress that getting a passport immediately is of the utmost importance.

“It is to my understanding that you have to have it [a passport] six months in advance, so the sooner you can get it, the better,” she said.

Information on fundraising and payment options will be discussed in the last two meetings.

The last two meetings will be held in the La-Z-Boy Center on the college’s Main Campus: Tuesday, February 13 at 5 p.m. in Room Z-271 and Thursday, February 22 at 12:30 p.m. in Room Z-258.

Individuals must attend a meeting and fill out an application before registering for the trip.

To participate in the trip, students must be 18 years of age, hold a GPA of 2.0 or higher, have two letters of recommendation, and pass a criminal background check. Community members must have two letters of recommendation, pass a criminal background check, and enroll in at least one of the three classes.

The classes offered include Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, and Art Appreciation.

Principles of Management will be taught by Wysocki, Principles of Marketing with David Reiman, and Therese O’Halloran would be in charge of Art Appreciation.

“For the two business courses there will be some discussion about learning some business practices from the U.S. and also an opportunity to learn what those business practices look like in other countries,” Wysocki said. “We hope to have a couple business tours from a smaller company and a larger company in London.”

At a push, the trip can accommodate 70 people, spread over two trips. The second trip would offer different courses. These include Photojournalism with Dan Shaw, Psychology of Personality and Adjustment which would be instructed by Melissa Grey, and Edmund La Clair’s Western Civilization rounding things out.

Students participating can take one to three classes for three to nine credits as a part of the 2019 Spring Semester. For each class, some of it is taught on-campus and some on the trip.

“Soon Study Abroad will be required for many degrees. It is an extremely rewarding, fun opportunity, and it costs about one-third if you go while attending MCCC as compared to a four-year university,” said Joanna Sabo, former MCCC professor and founder of the Study Abroad program.

The Study Abroad Program for students and community members has been scheduled for May of 2019 to the British Isles. Enrollment for classes will begin at the end of Winter Semester 2019.

“It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to go to another country and get an overview. You get a lot of great information from the tour directors and you get to see a lot of different places,” Wysocki said. “Then you can always decide to go back another time if there’s a place you really like. It’s a great opportunity to learn a little bit and also to see some fabulous places.”

The trip will include visits to Ireland, Wales and England with stops in London, Stratford-upon-Avon, Shannon, Killarney and Dublin.

The dates are currently May 13-27, 2019.

For more information, contact Wendy Wysocki at (734) 384-4294 or

London: Big Ben

Day 1: Fly overnight to Ireland

Day 2: Shannon | Killarney; Meet your Tour Director at the airport and enjoy dinner in Killarney

Day 3: Killarney; Visit the Kerry Bog Village Museum and take an excursion to the Ring of Kerry.

Day 4: Killarney | Blarney | Dublin; Visit Blarney Castle and enjoy a traditional Guinness stew dinner in Dublin.

Day 5: Dublin; With your expert local guide, see: Georgian squares, O’Connell Street, St. Stephen’s, Green Phoenix Park, see the Book of Kells at Trinity College and visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral. On your own their will, be an option to spend a half day exploring Dublin.

Day 6: Dublin | Holyhead | North Wales; Travel via ferry to Holyhead, visit a Welsh castle, travel through Snowdonia National Park.

Enjoy dinner in North Wales.

Day 7: North Wales | Stratford-upon-Avon | Oxford | London; Take a tour of Stratford-upon-Avon, enjoy lunch in Stratford-upon-Avon, visit Shakespeare's birthplace, visit Anne Hathaway's cottage and take a tour of Oxford.

Day 8: London; With your expert local guide, see: Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Picadilly Circus, St. Paul's Cathedral and possibly the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace.

Enjoy a fish and chips dinner in London.

Day 9: London; Take a guided tour of Stonehenge and Bath, and see Stonehenge stone circles and Roman baths.

Day 10 and 11: London; Spend a full day exploring London on your own.

Day 12: London | Edinburgh; Travel by train to Edinburgh and take a walking tour of Edinburgh.

Enjoy dinner in Edinburgh.

Day 13: Edinburgh; Tour Edinburgh with an expert local guide and enjoy free time in Edinburgh.

Day 14: Edinburgh; Enjoy free time in Edinburgh and dinner.

Day 15: Depart for home