Demi Heiks leaves to further education

Demi Heiks has resigned.

Cassidy Maier
Agora Staff
Demi Heiks has moved on to greener pastures.

The full-time instructor of Criminal Justice has resigned.

She had just finished the probationary period of three years that all full-time faculty must complete and been approved for tenure. 

Heiks was hired in the fall of 2014.  During her time at MCCC, she worked with adjunct professor Jennifer Miller to expand the MCCC Criminal Justice Club while also teaching classes.

Heiks left the college for the fall semester under the terms of advanced study leave, which is offered to full-time faculty.

 “Advanced study leave is unpaid leave which allows them to leave campus and do something in advanced study that’s relevant to their careers and their profession,” Paul Hedeen, the dean of Humanities and Social Sciences Division, said.

He said Heiks worked out the terms of her leave with Grace Yackee, the vice president of Instruction.

Initially, the advanced study leave for Heiks covered the fall semester, and she then would decide whether she was going to come back to the college or extend the leave.  

Ultimately, she decided not to return and officially resigned to pursue further education.

Hedeen said Heiks is now enrolled at Bowling Green University for a master’s program. She had told him she was considering switching to a doctorate program.

Hedeen wasn’t sure what she planned to study. Efforts to reach her were unsuccessful.

Hedeen said she would bring a diverse background to any area she went into.

“She was a TV journalist at one time,” Hedeen said. “Whatever she does next she brings a very interesting sort of comprehensive background to.”
He thinks the college will begin looking for someone to fill the position Heiks leaves behind.

The faculty who knew Heiks will miss her.

“Demi was a great colleague who fervently believed in the subject matter she was teaching and I’m actually very sad to see her go,” Edmund La Clair, assistant professor of History, said.

 “I thought she was an asset to the college, but I think she has very excellent things in the future for her.”

“She is a wonderful colleague. I’m going to miss her a lot, I know that,” Hedeen said.