Criminal Justice Club looking for new members

The MCCC Criminal Justice Club holds meetings once a month.

Cassidy Maier
Agora Staff
The MCCC Criminal Justice Club is looking for new members.

The club is led by adjunct professor Jennifer Miller.  It’s open for anyone interested in the criminal justice field and the areas surrounding it.

The members meet once a month and host a different event, such as a speaker.  Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting or event.

 “Basically, the club was created to give students better insight into career opportunities and explore their interests within criminal justice,” Miller said. “We try to give students an opportunity to make connections with people in the community that are involved in criminal justice, like police officers, probation officers.
“People that might give them help upon graduation with career opportunities.” 

She gave the example of a lieutenant from Monroe who recently spoke at one of the club’s events. He talked to members about how he ended up where his is today and invited them to come and talk to him.

Miller explained that the students were able to make a connection with the lieutenant and may use him as a resource in the future.

The Criminal Justice Club was created by Miller and Penelope Dunn during the 2010-2011 school year.

Dunn was the full-time criminal justice instructor at the time and was later replaced by Demi Heiks.  Heiks and Miller kept the club going until Heiks left the college last year.

Miller has taught at the college for ten years. She practices 
law at an office in Carlton and has been a lawyer for eighteen years.

She will be on campus more this semester than in past semesters because she will be teaching 
three classes in the criminal justice program.  

She teaches criminal law, an introduction class to criminal justice, and an introduction class to corrections.

She is keeping the club alive and has plans to expand it in the coming year.

Miller encourages those with even a tiny bit of interest to try coming to a meeting or an event, saying that bit of interest could be built up into something much greater.