Red, White, and Blues

Photo courtesy of Javed Peracha

The Bacchus Society held the annual Reds, Whites, and Blues event on Dec. 6.

Attendees tasted wines from St. Julians Winery and food made by MCCC’s second year culinary students.

Harry Granito of St. Julians Winery and his wife Kim worked at the bar, serving different types of wine. 

The Tyler Aukerman Trio, consisting of Tyer Aukerman, Michael Reed, and Ben Maloney played music throughout the night. 

This is the society’s sixth annual Red, Whites, and Blues event.  It was originally scheduled for the day the power went out on campus.  The events organizer’s had to call over 100 people to let them know the event was canceled.

The Bacchus Society was formed in 2012 and has an interesting story to its beginning.  The society’s president Mark Spenoso explains that it all happened because of MCCC’s solar panels.

At the time the solar panels were being installed, the beams that would hold them up were the only things in place. Head of security Bill Myers saw them and they reminded him of the posts in vineyards.  He found Spenoso who was a photographer working in MCCC’s copy center at the time.

“So literally that day, we quickly strategized to put together a vineyard on campus and we rounded up a couple other people we knew were wine aficianados,” Spenoso said

The Bacchus Society was born that day.

Harry Granito of St. Julian Winery and his wife Kim Granito talk with MCCC's Chef Kevin Thomas