The Student Government President unmasked

Miranda Gardner

Agora staff

To know the man behind the events.

Joel Spotts was voted in as Student Government President Sep. 26, but president is just one of the many shoes he fills.

“I’m a member with the title president,” he said. “It’s really the members that run the meetings, I’m like a mediator.”

Thomas Ryder events and student activities coordinator said via email, Spotts takes pride in his work and is well-liked by the group.

“Joel has a laid-back attitude that is calming to the other members,” he said. “Which helps him and the entire Student Government work well under pressure.”

This is Spott’s third year as a member, and throughout the years he has left his impression.

“I’m sure if Joel dedicates himself to his class work like he does in Student Government, he is a great student as well,” Ryder said.

Ryder is not wrong; Spott’s academic achievement, leadership roles, and a do-it-yourself mentality has brought him to this point.

Spotts is a middle college student that became a member of nationally recognized honor society Phi Thetta Kappa at 16. He is also wrapping up the Global Studies degree designation, and is anticipating graduation with his associate of science this spring.

“I’ve considered a number of options,” Spotts said. 

He is leaning towards agricultural science at several universities ranging from Michigan State, Ohio State to Penn State, Purdue, or Iowa and Wayne State.

“For the longest time, I wanted to be a lawyer,” Spotts laughed. 

Presidency has its responsibilities, but mediating group gatherings is nothing new to Spotts.

He is an active boy scout and has been for 13 years. Starting at Tiger scout to pursuing an adult leadership position.

“I recently registered to be an assistant scoutmaster,” Spotts said. 

At 15 years old, he was running the meetings.

“I was the senior patrol leader and young for that position,” Spotts said. 

He does not just carry the title of leader, but is active in the community to which he leads by example.

“I attend Saint Joseph Catholic church and do altar serving,” Spotts said. “I aid the priest during mass and volunteer at the fish fry during lent.”

Church goer and friend, Tyler O’Brien opened a door of opportunity for Spotts.

“I have an internship at the Challenger Learning Center that’s affiliated with NASA,” he said. 

Spotts shows self-sufficiency at 18 with his life having just begun.

“I bought a four-wheeler a few years ago, but it needs love,” he said laughing. “I recently bought a 2015 Ford Focus.”

Spotts looks up to his father whom inspires him to be the man he is today. 

“He’s a hardworking guy, understanding, and treats people very well,” Spotts said. “He can go anywhere and find somebody he knows to talk to.”

Aside from all the responsibilities and titles, Spotts still finds time to enjoy the little things.

“Zucchini casserole is my favorite that my mom makes,” he said. “My mom’s a pretty good cook.”

Zucchini fresh from the garden along with rhubarb, tomatoes, and what remains of the asparagus.

“I’m kinda sad I killed all the asparagus,” Spotts admitted. “I kept mowing it down and it didn’t grow back.”

He enjoys reading military non-fiction, sending memes to the “good ole group chat,” and has been a fan of Star Wars since he was young.

“I was a big Star Wars nerd growing up, and some of the military stories are just incredible,” he said. 

Spotts considers himself the “co-middle child” on the younger end amongst his five siblings, and embraces their antics.

“My sister is usually the woman recruiting the cats, so I’m basically a cat dad,” he said. “Their names are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fluffy.”

The busy life of Spotts finds time to unwind, but he will always have his eye on the prize.

“To have a good job with a good company to help me afford a good life,” he said. “A fun job would be great too.”