Poetry Night draws big crowd

Standing room was all that was available for stragglers as students packed the basement of C Building for this year's Poetry Night. 

The Writing Center put together the event, which took place on October 26. 

Extra seats were added early during the event to help accommodate the students and staff as they lined up along the back wall of the Little Theatre.  

First-time attendees joined in to earn extra credit for classes, take part in the costume contest, enter a raffle to win bowls full of candy, enjoy refreshments, and to share poetry.  

"This is my first time doing this," said Chris Dineknis. "I just did one that I didn't think anyone had heard before." 

Other students in attendance had previously been to other poetry nights that the Writing Center has set up.  

"This is my second time being to a poetry night," said Emily DiMeglio. "I did the one last winter. This is my first time doing the Halloween poetry night." 

Each poem that was shared differed in length, meaning, and mood. Some students went as far as reading and entering their own original poems for a judging contest.  

A few students and staff even decided to commit their poems to memory.  

"It took me a day to memorize it," said Dineknis. "I can memorize stuff really easy. I think I'd do a different one for the future though." 

With the large attendance, poetry was still being read 40 minutes after the anticipated end time of the event.  

The costume contest was also showcased and featured the winner receiving a $25 gift card for Amazon. With so many students involved the contestants were narrowed down through three rounds.  

The winner, BethAnne Thompson, was dressed as a lady searching for her dog which happened to be behind her the whole time.  

"I just decided to wear it tonight," Thompson said. "I'm not sure what I'll use the gift card for though – maybe a Christmas gift." 

The raffle winners were Taylor Apker and Cody Kosanovich.