Golf Club Holds First Meeting

Golf Club adviser Josh Myers, executive director of the MCCC Foundation, carried his golf clubs at the Back-to-School Barbecue.


More club sports are slowly becoming available for students as the school year progresses.  

meeting was held to attempt to form a golf club on October 3rd.  Six students were in attendance and more students who were unable to attend the meeting had signed a petition to help form the club. Only five signatures are required to make a club official. 

Josh Myers, Executive Director of The Foundation, was the individual who called the meeting and had a constitution already drafted. Even with all of the seriousness of putting together a club, a few laughs were had during the meeting. 

“I wanted to pull the team together for an excuse to golf more.” Myers said. 

Everyone who attended the meeting had some experience golfing, but the club is open to any student who would be interested. The club would like to include beginners and experienced players so they can better learn from each other. 

“I’d like to open it up past just a club team,” Myers said. “You can become a stronger club by combining the two.” 

With colder weather on the way it is unlikely that the club will be able to enjoy much outdoor golfing until the weather breaks in the spring. A few possibilities for a home course were discussed though, including Carrington and Dundee Golf Club.  

Indoor golfing and fundraising were also discussed as a possibility for the winter season.  

The next meeting is set for November 7th at 12:30 p.mThe location for that meeting has not been decided as of yet. Officer elections and further discussion of fund raising and future plans are set to be discussed at this meeting. 

If any students are interested in being part of the club or would like more information they should contact Josh Myers at