New Arena Brings End To Student Rush

Little Caesar’s Arena recieves finishing touches before pre-season hockey begins.


Students hoping for price drops in Red Wings tickets might have to hug their piggy banks a bit tighter when shopping for tickets this year.

Student Rush tickets are not available for this season and prices have jumped upward due to the excitement around the opening of the team’s new home, Little Caesar’s Arena.

Student Rush is a program that almost every NHL team has incorporated into their ticket sales. This program allowed teams to sell out games and made sure that they made at least some revenue on tickets that would have otherwise gone unsold.

College and high school students were able to sign up for text message alerts that alerted them when tickets were available at a discounted price of $40.

There was never a guarantee of where the student would be seated; they could end up being in the front row or find themselves at the very top of the upper bowl.

A school ID had to be shown to pick the tickets up, but the program allowed students a cheaper night out. These tickets were on a first-come, first-serve basis and were only available a few hours before game time.

Students looking to attend a Wing’s game this year can expect to spend about triple the cost of Student Rush tickets if they want lower bowl seating and about double for the upper bowl.

A different and cheaper alternative is to attend a preseason game. Resale tickets for these games are anywhere from $30 and up. This is also a great way to get a first glance at the Wings prospects and the future of the organization.

Typically, hockey tickets do start high across the board for every team in the league. Hopefully this is just an initial cost and will drop as the season progresses.

With the Wings making the move to Little Caesar’s Arena this year, ticket prices could stay higher for a bit longer than normal though.

Students should also remember that the cost of the ticket is not the only thing that they are paying for when they attend an event. Buying from ticket sites such as Ticketmaster and Stubhub all charge fees that are added onto the price of the ticket.

Parking, food, drinks, and souvenirs should also all be taken into account. To save even more money, week night games are generally cheaper than the primetime weekend events.