Club Volleyball Starts Season Off Strong

Courtney Dunbar, Lisa Schendel, Zach Fields, and Kristen Bolster prepare for an incoming serve.


The Volleyball Club gathered for the first time this semester on Monday with new goals and plenty of new faces.

A total of fifteen students were in attendance and there’s always the possibility that more could show up for future practices.

“We’ve only got six returners,” said Sarah Hoffman, a student who joined the club last fall. “There’s a lot of new faces.”

Lisa Schendel, an administrative assistant in the Business Division, took over the advising of the club this last winter and has a few objectives that she hopes to meet with the help of students.

“The goal is to have two courts with competitive players on one and the other court for more recreational players,” Schendel said. “We want more structure to the club. We want to establish a consistent club membership.”

The long-term objective is to actually have a competitive team that will play other colleges or groups in the area while still maintaining a recreational league on campus for any students that may not feel comfortable at the higher level or who might just want to have some fun.

“We want to open the sport to all players,” Schendel said. “We want to have an open door and it to be fun.”

Monday night was just the beginning of what looks to be that fun atmosphere. With almost double the amount of students as last year, the group was able to split up into two separate groups and scrimmage for most of the night.

“Last year we had about four people on each side which made it hard,” Schendel said.

Both teams were evenly matched and kept the matches close. The once awkward silence at the beginning of the gym time quickly turned into laughs, shouts of encouragement, and a bit of friendly banter.

The volleyball club is currently meeting every Monday and Wednesday from 7:30-9:30 p.m. in the gym located in the H building.

Any students that would be interested in participating are always welcome and if any student has questions they should contact Lisa Schendel by email at lschendel@minroeccc.edu.