Board recognizes change in faculty

The board of trustees recognized the continual change in MCCC faculty.

At the April 24 meeting, the board recognized retirements, welcomed new hires, reviewed the budget, and listened to progress reports for the agriculture program and HVAC renovations.

Board member Jim DeVries read the resolution of commendation for English professor Cheryl Johnston.

Board member Jim DeVries hugs English professor Cheryl Johnston after reading her resolution of commendation.

“She has been an outstanding educator at the college and an excellent colleague and valued member of the Humanities and Social Sciences division since 1983,” he read.

“In her role as a classroom teacher of reading, writing, children’s literature, and the humanities, she motivated, inspired, and guided hundreds of students.”

Johnston said she will miss her colleagues.

“In 34 years, it has been a labor of love in many ways, and I really thoroughly enjoyed all the people I’ve met,” she said.

Vice Chair Mary Kay Thayer read the resolution of commendation for English professor Terry Telfer.

English professor Terry Telfer recounts the tail of his decision to teach. 

“Dr. Telfer learned and lived the maxim that being true to one’s self is the most important requirement for both teaching and happiness,” she read.

Telfer said he found his love for writing in college. When he graduated college, he said he turned his life around and started doing something that was good for people.

“I can’t imagine a better feeling than teaching. I enjoy it very much,” he said.

The board also authorized probationary administrative contracts for Kevin Cooper, dean of Science/Mathematics, and Zackary Moore, instructor of CIS Programming.

Cooper will join MCCC on July 5.

Moore is joining the college after completing his master’s degree at Eastern Michigan University. He starts Aug. 21.

Dean of Business division Paul Knollman introduces new faculty member Zackary Moore to the board.

Paul Knollman, dean of the Business division, said Moore will be teaching a class this summer to get his feet wet.

The board also recognized the Alumnus of the Year, William Bacarella, and the 2017 College Supporter of the Year, the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights.

Bacarella served on the MCCC Board of Trustees from 1978 to 2015, which makes him the longest-serving trustee in the history of the college.

“He was a staunch advocate of the college, devoting hundreds of volunteer hours to its advancement and departed the board of trustees with an exceptional record of leadership, service and accomplishment," board member Marjorie Kreps read.

"His knowledge of institutional history was a great resource that was highly valued not only by other board members, but also by the college administrators, faculty, and staff.” 

Vice president of Administration Sue Wetzel said the college was three quarters of the way into the current budget.

The college is running under the projected budget. So far, only 65 percent of the allotted money budgeted for expenses have been spent.

Wetzel believes the college will end the year about 1.2 million dollars under budget, which has been typical of the last couple years.

The agriculture program is coming soon. President Kojo Quartey said they are in the process of hiring a coordinator. 

The HVAC project is 75 percent complete and is scheduled to go live May 15, Wetzel said.

The next board of trustees meeting is on May 22 at 6 p.m. in the La-Z-Boy Center.