Student Government plans for future event

Students play Ping-Pong after the tables are brought up to the cafeteria for the tournament.

Family Fun Night, the final Student Government event of the year, is quickly approaching.

During the most recent meeting, Student Government members talked about their upcoming event, Family Fun Night, and their most recent events, the Honors Reception and Kojo’s Ping-Pong Beatdown.

Family Fun Night will be from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, April 21, in the gymnasium of the Health Sciences Building. The cost of admission is $1.

There has been a bit of a rough patch in planning the event.

“We ran into a little issue this year that we’ve never been encountered with before” Student Government advisor Tom Ryder said. “The Middle College, who makes up a good percentage of our volunteers, don’t have school. They’re on spring break. So, although we have a few Middle College students, the normal amount we get, we didn’t get.”

With the loss of the Middle College, which requires a certain amount of volunteer hours to graduate, Family Fun Night has fewer people working it than usual.

“We’re at minimal number of volunteers,” Ryder said.

However, this isn’t slowing Student Government down, and they have all the attractions already taken care of.

“Games are all set, advertising is all set, these flyers, 8000 of these, went out to elementary schools, the magician’s all set, giant inflatable’s all set,” Ryder said. “Tinkerbell, Belle, Snow White are coming, firetruck is coming, the room reservation’s all taken care of, Respiratory Therapy is taking care of concessions.”

There also are plans for child safety IDs, a photobooth and facepainting, he said.

Only a little bit more legwork is needed before Student Government members have everything they need for the event.

“Our big task next week is we have to go out and purchase all the decorations,” Ryder said.

They have turned their focus to Family Fun Night, after finishing with the Honor’s Reception and the ping-pong tournament.

Kojo’s Ping-Pong Beatdown 2: The Rebound was a tournament between the President of the college, Kojo Quartey, and any students who signed up.

The tournament finished with Quartey victorious in the end.

“I really enjoy interacting with students. My involvement in this tournament was a perfect example of that,” Quartey said.

As for why he won, he said it was all chance.

“I am very beatable, I got lucky and won,” he said.