Phi Theta Kappa honors students

Ashley Klug, Jessica Ryder, Jim Devries, and President Kojo Quartey.


On Tuesday night, the membership of the Tau Omicron Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa grew by 97 new initiates in a recognition ceremony held in the La-Z-Boy Center Meyer Theater.

To be invited into Phi Theta Kappa is a true honor.  It is the highest achievement students in a 2 year community college can receive.

Members must has 12 semester hours accumulated and grade point average of 3.5 or above.

The event was hosted by the most illustrious names at MCCC.

The evening began with a processional, as the 97 students filed into their seats. At this time, Dr. Kojo A. Quartey, College President, welcomed the students and their guests to begin the evening.

The Master of Ceremonies, Randy Daniels, Vice President of Student and information Services, then introduced the speakers.

Rachel Baker, President of the Tau Omicron Chapter spoke to the students and guests about the meaning and history of Phi Theta Kappa. The meaning of this initiation was wonderfully explained, as well as the significance of the occasion.

At this time, Director of Admissions, Mark Hall and RandwwDaniels conducted the actual initiation. The students individually walked onto the stage to accept their honors. A brief introduction of the student, their major, and future plans were read aloud to the audience.

These students had every reason to be proud as they received their due recognition. The guest’s cheered and flash photography illuminated the hall.

Finally, after the last initiate was inducted, Dr. Joanna Sabo gave the keynote address. Her speech was interactive with the audience, informative and Dr. Sabo demonstrated her wit and humor. Judging by the enthusiastic applause at the conclusion, Dr. Sabo’s speech was warmly received.

Dr. Jamie DeLeeuw, Co-Advisor, Phi Theta Kappa, provided the closing remarks.

A reception followed the event in the atrium.