MASS plants seeds for Earth Day celebration

The sunflower seeds have already began to germinate in the greenhouse next to the L Building.

The Math and Science Society plotted to save the planet on March 24 for Earth Day.

“We planted approximately 200 paper cups of sunflower seeds,” Kathleen Shepherd, professor of Mathematics, said. 

The sunflowers are growing in the Life-Science Building greenhouse and are expected to sprout in time for the county-wide Earth Day event.

The Earth Expo will be April 8 in the H building and will feature exhibits promoting the protection of our planet and community.

“MASS will have children’s activities,” Shepherd said. “If all goes well, we’ll have nice-sized plants to hand out.”

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According to NASA, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere measure 405.61 parts per million as of February 2017.

Carbon dioxide is a heat-trapping gas known to be released through deforestation, burning fossil fuels, and natural processes like respiration.

“The sunflowers are symbolic for growth, production, and food,” Mark Naber, professor of Mathematics, said. “It’ll take CO2 out of the atmosphere.”

They also provide food for the birds and bees that will pollinate other flowers in the community, while releasing oxygen into the atmosphere.