MCCC hires Science and Mathematics Dean

Kevin Cooper, new Science and Mathematics Dean. Photo courtesy of Kevin Cooper.

MCCC has filled the Dean of Science and Mathematics vacancy that opened up when former Dean Vinnie Maltese retired last fall.

Kevin Cooper, who is currently the Assistant Dean/Instructional Chair of the Math, Science, and Social Studies division at Colorado Mountain College, will be taking over the MCCC position starting July 5, 2017.

Cooper believes his experience as an educator and administrator will be his greatest asset.

“I was a full time faculty member at National American University in Rapid City, South Dakota for ten years, teaching all sorts of math and science courses while there,” Cooper said.

Cooper’s ability to both oversee the Math, Science and Social Science departments while also teaching one or two courses a semester speaks to his work ethic and dedication.

It is no surprise that he already has plenty of ideas he would like to implement.

For starters, Cooper is hoping to encourage diversity on campus and a collaborative mindset among the departments.

“I hope to foster great collaboration between the Math/Science department and the others on campus.  I value cohesion and want to see a campus community that serves the students.  I currently serve on a Diversity & Inclusion committee, so fostering diversity in academics is also a priority of mine,” Cooper said.

In addition to bringing  new ideas, Cooper does plan on strengthening the Science and Math department.

“I want to maintain rigor in all math and science courses taught at MCCC.  I also desire clear processes and communication within the department, and first and foremost will encourage all the folks I work with to maintain their sense of humor.”

Even though he will miss the natural beauty of Colorado, Cooper jumped at the MCCC opportunity due to his deep roots in the area.

“I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and most of my family still resides there,” Cooper said. “With my parents retiring soon, this was a great chance to be closer to family –  even though I will miss the mountains.”

Mr. Cooper earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Meteorology at Northland College in Ashland, Wisconsin, and his Master of Science degree in Meteorology at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City, South Dakota.

Although he is currently getting his PhD in Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, Math and Science are just a part of Cooper’s multifaceted life.

“I am an avid bowler and am a part of a men’s league,” Cooper said. “I also like to hike so I will be interested in checking out local parks.  I love many of the metro parks in Toledo and frequent them when visiting my parents.”

Cooper is happy in regards to what the position means to him professionally, however, he wanted to stress that the most important part of being Dean of Science and Mathematics is working with the students.

“This will be a new chapter in my life and an exciting opportunity to advance my career, so I look forward to this new move,” Cooper said. 

“I hope to build trust and honor all person’s viewpoints.  My focus is student success and my goal is to serve students.  I look forward to being close to family as well.”