Phi Theta Kappa Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity

Volunteers pose on the main floor of Habitat’s 93 house built. From left to right; Collin Flynn, Miranda Gardner, Lauren Pillarelli, and Saqib Noor Peracha. Not pictured; Lily Kozicki. Photo by Julia Skaggs.

Miranda Gardner

Staff Member

Phi Theta Kappa members built hope for a Monroe County family, one brush stroke at a time.

PTK volunteers helped Habitat for Humanity build the organization’s 93rd house.

“We’re building homes, communities, and hope,” said Carla Slamiar, the media relations manager at Habitat, and a member of PTK.

“At Habitat, we believe everyone deserves a decent place to live,” she said.

PTK members Lauren Pillarelli, Saqib Noor Peracha, Lily Kozicki, and Miranda Gardner volunteered Saturday, March 18.

“It’s a high-quality home, we’re not just throwing it together,” Slamiar said. “We are building simple, decent, affordable homes.”

Kozicki and Gardner painted all the door trims on the main floor. Pillarelli and Peracha painted the main floor walls.

Kozicki and Gardner worked together to complete the paint job.

“I’m so short and can’t reach the top,” Kozicki said.

Gardner painted the trim that Kozicki could not reach, and Kozicki helped Gardner finish her door frames.

“The more complex stuff doesn’t happen on-site with the volunteers,” Slamiar said.

MCCC’s PTK chapter is looking for ways to be involved with the community in service opportunities. This was the second time PTK volunteered with Habitat since last year, Slamiar said.

“Most of the building happens with volunteers,” she said. “Habitat is always building something year-round.”

Habitat in Monroe County was founded in 1995 and since has changed the lives of 121 adults and 197 children, Slamiar said.

“This house we’re working on is almost done,” she said. “The homeowner will be closing on it at the end of April.”

The homeowner, Mary, is 63 years old, living in a two-bedroom trailer with her three grandsons adopted from foster care.

“At the end of April, when they buy their home, she’ll be able to take in the fourth brother that’s still in foster care,” Slamiar said. “And they’ll each have their own room!”

Habitat is a non-profit, religious-based organization that is always looking for volunteers.

“We make the difference for someone living paycheck to paycheck and might not be able to save for a down payment, but we can help them into home ownership,” Slamiar said.

Anyone interested can call (734) 243-2048 or visit the website for more information.