Student Government plans music events

Student Government is winding down from the school dance, but they still have plenty of events planned.

Some of the more noteworthy events discussed during their recent meeting include inviting Bubba Wilson to the college for black history month, inviting students to perform at the college, and starting a community garden for Earth Day.

“We are all set for Feb. 21, part of the Black History Month series. I might also work with Molly McChutchen so we’re on the flyer of events for the month,” advisor Tom Ryder said.

Bubba Wilson and the Powerhouse are a blues band that plays in south east Michigan, and are planning to come to campus from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Another concert is potentially in the works for Student Government, but for this one the talent is from here at MCCC.

Collin Bartley is a local musician and student here at the college, and Student Government is planning to allow this student to show his talent.

“About noontime concerts, I know I mentioned somebody who was interested in maybe doing one,” Matthew Mitchell said as he introduced the idea during the meeting.

After playing a few clips of the musician performing, the group came to a decision as to allow him to have his own concert. The decision was unanimous/

Student Government is always looking for students who want to get involved and perform, Ryder said.

Student Government is planning to allot a time period to Bartley sometime in March once they can get in contact with him again.

Another way Student Government is trying to get students involved is through a planned community garden, which will start sometime in April.

“Kojo approached me and he said something about one of the things he really wants to do was a community garden,” president Grayson Bacarella said. “I think that’s something we could start to do on Earth Day.”

At first Bacarella said he wasn’t sure the group had the resources or time to do this project unless there were members who were invested in the project.

After proposing the committee, someone agreed to head the group just moments later.

This garden is planned in conjunction with Student Government’s own earth day event on Apr. 8, where they will explain how the garden works in more detail if they decide to go through with it.

Student Government’s other big events include Family Fun Night and Honors night to be held in April.