Scholarships available for active students

Although MCCC has redesigned its scholarship program this year, the college still offers individual scholarships to eligible students who apply. 

The college reduced its full-ride scholarships so it could fund the new Trustee Merit Scholarship program which began in 2016 Fall semester. 

The Trustee Merit Scholarship is a scholarship program that awards money to eligible students based on their ACT or SAT scores.

Students with minimum score qualifications automatically receive a scholarship when they apply and register for classes.

The scholarship money is split equally between semesters and is renewable each year if the student keeps a 2.5 minimum GPA.

The new program disperses the money designated to scholarships in smaller amounts to more students.

In addition to the Trustee Merit Scholarship, the college offers other scholarships like the Aim and Achieve Scholarship and the George Rhodes Scholarship.

If students actively participate in clubs or work on campus, then they are eligible for these scholarships. 

Student Government president Grayson Bacarella said these scholarships encourage students to participate in campus activities.

“The Aim and Achieve scholarship is for second year Student Government members. All money for the scholarship is raised by Student Government. It’s a great incentive for students to get involved on campus and take on leadership roles,” Bacarella said.

Student Government is an organization on campus that creates opportunities for students to be involved. They plan events and activities that encourage student involvement and support the community.

Student Government has held sales and fundraisers to gather money for the Aim and Achieve scholarship, and are planning more in the future.

Any money raised by student government will be matched by the MCCC Alumni Association, said Tom Ryder the advisor to the Student Government.

If members of Student Government are interested in applying, they must submit a 500-word essay describing the role Student Government plays on campus, and how it affects them personally.

The George Rhodes Scholarship provides scholarship assistance for a student who has worked at least one semester in a tutoring program and plans to continue working for the duration of the scholarship. 

The recipient must be enrolled part-time at MCCC and maintain at least a 3.0 GPA during their scholarship year. 

All scholarship submissions are due by March 1, 2017