Emergency response team offers disaster training

CERT members learn safe rescue techniques for trapped victims


Are You Prepared?

What would you do if a disaster struck your town and 911 was unavailable? Could you keep yourself and your family safe?

Do you know how to provide first aid for an injured loved one?

Can you safely put out small fires or search for missing neighbors?

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is an international volunteer program with all-risk, all-hazards approach designed for training civilians how to respond safely and effectively in emergency and disaster situations.

With trained members from all over Monroe County, the Frenchtown CERT team has served both the county and its surrounding regions for over five years.

The team has assisted in a variety of roles: providing first aid at various events, serving as patrol units at the Sterling State Park Fireworks, assisting with several search and rescue missions, and participating in multiple county wide events.

The team also provides traffic maintenance and rehab and medical monitoring for first responders on emergency incidents.

Frenchtown CERT will be offering a free weekend long training for anyone 18 or older on March 17-19.

This 20-Hour CERT Basic class allows students to leave with $75 worth of free disaster preparedness equipment along with both informative and hands-on experience for everyday people.

Paricipants will learn how to manage utilities, put out small fires, and treat the three medical killers by opening airways, controlling bleeding, and treating for shock.

They will also learn how to administer basic medical aid, search for and rescue victims, and collect disaster intelligence to support first responder efforts.

Anyone can sign up for this class by going to the CERT website at

More information can also be found by checking out their Facebook page at Frenchtown Township Fire CERT.