O’Halloran pushes to start an art club at MCCC

Therese O'Halloran wants to create an art club on campus to allow students to network and learn.

Of all the clubs and extracurricular activities at MCCC, an art club is not one.

Art professor, Therese O’Halloran is accepting signatures for those who want an art club.

“First we need to figure out who’s interested and find that group of people that’s gonna start the art club,” O’Halloran said.

She said that the art students who excel in different art mediums do not have a way to connect. 

“I want to create a community to unify these classes to interact with each other.” 

She wants students to organize events, get out there and do exhibits, and see what they can do in a supportive group.

“They should know how to put up a group show,” O’Halloran said. “That’s the kind of goal either off-campus and on-campus.”

She wants people to have the chance to explore, thrive, and participate in art at MCCC as a team, and to gain valuable experiences through the opportunities the club offers. 

“We have quite a few artists that want something to show to their community,” O’Halloran said. “Something for people to belong to.”

Cassy Fallon, a second year fine arts major at MCCC, said having an art club would benefit the students who are going for their degree in fine arts.

“We could get experience in the business setting, galleries, and art shows,” Fallon said.

She said this was O’Halloran’s idea to bring together artists of all forms to creatively collaborate, plan events, and mentor rising artists.

The club would make flyers to spread word of upcoming trips, shows, or guest appearances for the community.

“Therese and Dave Hall are doing a show at the Mother House,” Fallon said. “It’d be really cool for the students to go.”

The art club is still accepting signatures and those interested can speak to O’Halloran. Her office is located in A building, room 167. 

Her office hours are Tuesdays, 9am-12:30pm or Wednesdays, 11am-12pm, and her phone number is (734)384-4158.