College postpones math pilot program

For some students, figuring out how the math pilot program works is just as confusing as math itself. 

The math pilot program scheduled to begin this semester was postponed until Fall 2017 semester.

Although the program was unsuccessful this semester, Grace Yackee, dean of Science/Mathematics division, said the college plans to launch the program next semester when there is more time to advertise it.

“We wanted more time to make sure all students were aware of this opportunity,” math professor James Vallade said.

For the past five years, MCCC math classes followed the Emporium method, which is the computer based program. Students do not need a computer for the pilot classes because they are traditional lectures.

The classes combine Math 090 and 092. They were for students who either tested high in Math 090 or low in Math 092. Once the class was completed, students would be ready for Math 151.

Yackee said the program did not begin this semester because it lacked student interest.

“Only one student registered for the traditional-lecture pilot courses,” she said.

Yackee said there were several reasons students would not be interested in the pilot program.

“Students who test into 092 may not see the value in engaging in 4 weeks of 090 review. Also, some may prefer the Emporium method because they expect to complete some or all of 151,” she said. “Finally, students may not be as interested in the traditional lecture format as some originally thought.”

Yackee said marketing will improve next semester because students will have more time to meet with faculty and ask questions. Also, the Admissions Office will be educated regarding the criteria for enrolling in the program.

Yackee said the program will only be successful next semester if students are willing to try it.

“It really is up to students who qualify, that is whether they are interested in enrolling in this option,” she said.

The college is currently reviewing the Fall 2017 schedule, so the days and times of the pilot classes are uncertain.

 Vallade said the Science/Mathematics division will review the issues such as advertising and registration that surfaced this semester.

“We have been too busy to look at these issues right now.  I should be able to answer these questions in a month or so,” Vallade said.