Alumni Staff

James P. Quick

Hey, welcome to my page!

As you might have gathered from the link and the page title, I’m James P. Quick, a staff writer here at the Agora. I’m 21 years old, turning 22 in May, and I love being on the paper. Writing is great for me, as it challenges my mind, my worldview, and my ability, plus it helps me put down the ideas swarming in my head. While at heart I’m more of a science fiction writer, writing in a journalistic capacity is great fun as I can engage with people. The beauty about writing is how you can touch someone – their mind, their heart, their feelings – without ever meeting them. You can hold a great (if one-sided) dialogue with the community, and that’s why I enjoy this.

Outside of this, I’m an enormous Doctor Who devotee, an amateur baker, and a proud fan of Nintendo games – especially the Mario and Pokémon series. I’m generally pretty friendly and affable – at least, I like to think I am – so feel free to message me if you think you might have something news-worthy.

All the best,