Traditional math class causes confusion

The announcement of two traditional math classes caused some confusion for administration, counselors, and students. 

The confusion stemmed from unclear qualifications for students. 

After five years of computer  math classes, the college decided to pilot a program with two traditional classes in Winter 2017.

Math professor James Vallade said if students wish to enroll, they need permission from him, an Accuplacer score from 50 to 120, and it must be the first attempt at a math class at MCCC.

Vallade said students should check with their counselors to make sure they meet the three requirements before seeking permission from him. 

To get permission, students must meet with Vallade to discuss the content of the course.

They can contact him by emailing jkvallade@monroeccc.edu. 

Vallade said the purpose of the meeting is to discuss the goals of the course and find out how the student learns best. 

“I will also make sure that they understand that this is a traditional lecture course, not a redesigned, and make sure that it is appropriate for them,” Vallade said. 

It is not self-paced, so students are expected to stay with the class. 

The professor will be leading the class primarily by lecture, but students can also expect some group work. In each class, students will bring the workbook provided to class, take notes, and ask questions.

“Students who successfully complete this course will be in the same place as a student who successfully completed 092,” Vallade said.

Once students have permission, they can enroll on WebPal. The courses are listed as MATH 090-14 and MATH 092-15.

There is a Monday/Wednesday class from 10 to 11:50 a.m. and a Tuesday/Thursday class from 5 to 6:50 p.m.
Vallade will be teaching both classes.

In the winter, there may only be enough students for one section.

“Apparently, the students that we are looking for, who are the first-time math enrollees, there are a lot more of them in the Fall than there are in the Winter,” Vallade said.  

If enough students do not enroll, the college will cancel one section.