Millage renovations begin spring semester

Greg Stewart of Bedford Township calls Kojo Quartey an inspiration at the millage victory celebration. 

The L Building renovation, which will be the first project financed by the new millage, is scheduled to begin in May 2017.

Jack Burns, director of Campus Planning and Facilities, said the renovation is a multi-phased set of projects.

“The first phase will be to remove the precast concrete sunshades and brick ribs,” he said.

When the building was originally built, improper planning resulted in a design flaw, Burns said.

The reinforcing steel and masonry is not sufficiently carrying the resultant loads, so those systems are failing.

The college will choose a contractor to install a new system using light-gauge metal framing and panels that will properly screen the sun and reduce cooling loads and also allow in sufficient daylight. 

“This new system will be much lighter than the old system and therefore much safer,” Burns said.

Other phases include renovations that make the building more accessible, safe, and comfortable for students.

Other changes include installing restrooms and door hardware and renovating the first and second floor to improve accessibility for students with disabilities. 

A fire sprinkler system and an emergency lighting generator will be installed. 

Contractors also will coat the interior galvanized cold-water piping and add fiber-optic cabling.

Finally, they plan to upgrade network electronics and classroom technology and install a permanent student lounge. 

Burns said the next project financed by the millage, which was approved Nov. 8, would be the East and West Tech buildings. He said no decision has been made on when renovations would begin. 

The college has to file a request for qualifications, select an architect, do the design and construction document process, and find a general contractor.  
See Quartey

“Once we have a GC (general contractor) a construction schedule will be developed,” Burns said.

They have a limited time span in which to spend the matching state funding that they received last year.  

East and West Tech will be combined into one building through a major addition. 

“Both buildings will receive extensive interior renovations partly to reconfigure spaces, but also to bring some old spaces back online from when the ASET

Division moved over to the CTC,” Burns said. “The main focus will be to relocate the LAL and increase their allotted area.”

Additional moves include the Writing Center, Math Den, and Veterans Lounge.  

Voters passed the millage on Nov. 8 and elected three MCCC Board of Truestees. 

President Kojo Quartey was elated and thanked God that the millage passed.

“I had no doubt that it would pass because of my unwavering faith,” Quartey said. “We worked very hard on this millage and even though help was limited, the few who assisted brought this to fruition. The door-to-door, media messaging, and community engagement strategies are what helped win this millage.” 

Aaron Mason was elected to a four-year term that he ran for unopposed.

William Bruck and Steven Hill were appointed to the board for six-year terms.  

“Everyone has something to contribute and I look forward to working with them to move this institution and community forward,” Quartey said. 

“I have met and interacted with both of them in the community and look forward to getting to know them better,” he said. “I want to work with individuals who put the students, college, and community above themselves.”

Quartey said he was surprised Edward Feldman was not reelected because he worked so hard to pass the millage.

“He and I went door-to-door in Milan, and he went door-to-door all over the city of Monroe,” Quartey said.