New faculty contract approved

The MCCC Board of Trustees and the Faculty Association approved a faculty contract after about nine months of negotiating.

The Master Agreement between the Community College District of Monroe County and the Faculty Association was unanimously approved by the board at its special meeting on Oct. 31.

The Faculty Association ratified the Master Agreement on Nov. 2.

The contract covers the 62 full-time faculty positions at the college.

It runs through August 26, 2019.  Faculty will get a 1percent increase on the salary schedule in the first year of the three-year contract and a 1.5 percent increase in the second and third years.

Faculty will also receive an upgraded vision insurance plan and a reopening of the agreement in spring 2017 regarding medical insurance benefits.

MCCC President Kojo Quartey said he believes the contract is fair.

Quartey said he is relieved the contract was settled.

“No one likes tension and the tension did not help our millage efforts,” Quartey said.

He said tension between the faculty and administration is necessary during negotiations because it results in compromise and settlement.

“Once that is done, we move forward,” Quartey said. “We get along splendidly when we are not negotiating.”

He said the ratified agreement recognizes the administration and faculty’s work to responsibly deal with challenging economic times.

“We are all working together for the benefit of our students,” Quartey said.