Monroe voters pass MCCC’s millage

President Kojo Quartey watches the news on election night to keep updated on millage votes.

Monroe voters passed MCCC's millage and chose three members of the board of trustees.

President Kojo Quartey was elated and thanked God for the millage passing.

“I had no doubt that it would pass because of my unwavering faith,” Quartey said. “We worked very hard on this millage and even though help was limited, the few who assisted brought this to fruition. The door-to-door, media messaging, and community engagement strategies are what helped win this millage.”

Quartey said the maintenance and construction projects financed by the millage will begin early next year.

The first projects involve the Life Science building and East and West Tech buildings.

Aaron Mason, a current board member, was elected to a four-year term. Mason, who was appointed to the board last December, ran unopposed.

Newcomers William Bruck and Steven Hill were appointed to the board for six-year terms. 

“Everyone has something to contribute and I look forward to working with them to move this institution and community forward,” Quartey said.

“I have met and interacted with both of them in the community,” he said. “I want to work with individuals who put the students, college, and community above themselves.”

Quartey said he was surprised  Edward Feldman was not reelected to the board because he worked so hard to pass the millage.

 “He and I went door-to-door in Milan, and he went door-to-door all over the city of Monroe,” Quartey said.