Employees back in their offices

All the MCCC employees who were temporarily relocated for the HVAC renovations moved back to the A building on Oct. 17.

“I’m proud to say that the Admin building is formally opened. Everybody is back in,” said Jack Burns, director of Campus Planning and Facilities.

At the Oct. 24 MCCC Board of Trustees meeting, Burns announced that the geothermal portion of the project is nearly complete.

Sue Wetzel, vice president of Administration, said they have spent $12.7 million of the $16.1 million that was allotted for the project.

Burns said they are on time and on budget.

He said all the informational signs that pointed to temporary relocations have been removed.

Workers are finishing the connections in the boiler houses and then the pipefitters and electricians will work over the winter, Burns said.

Ceiling tiles out around campus means someone was probably checking out the sensors, he said. 

“There should not be as much of a crunch in the spring as we had originally anticipated,” Burns said.

They are currently in the testing and balancing process. The A and C buildings are directly affected by the testing, Burns said.

“Some points it is really warm, and some points it was really cold,” Burns said. “That was just them fine tuning.”

He said usually they do the testing before the building occupant moves in.

“We all get to experience this kind of stuff together,” Burns said.

The geothermal contractor will be on site the last two weeks of October, Burns said, filling the system and pressurizing it to check for leaks.

The project will wind down for the winter time.

The buildings will be heated by the old system this winter, Burns said.

The new system is scheduled to be fully online by summer 2017.