Dillon, Grey top caricature vote

English professor/rockstar Tim Dillon

In the Oct. 10 edition of The Agora, we asked students to vote for five professors they wanted to see Agora artist Leigh Cole caricature for Halloween. 

The poll, which included 25 professors, wound up with 1,110 votes.

The five winners, caricatured above, were English professor Tim Dillon with 249 votes, Psychology professor Melissa Grey, 152, English professor Carrie

Nartker, 111, Political Science professor Joanna Sabo, 108, and Nursing professor Holly Boylan, 95.

The first two runners-up were Nursing professors Nicole Garner with 87 votes and Dawn Lymond with 77.

Cole chose to caricature Tim Dillon as a Rockstar, Joana Sabo as a politician, Melissa Grey as Lucy from Peanuts, Carrie Nartker as maid Marian, and Holly Boylan as Florence Nightingale.

Thanks to all the readers for voting in this poll.

And congratulations to the winners! We really hope you all enjoy your caricatures. (Now then, can we use these as blackmail? Just kidding!)