Vote for faculty caricatures

An example of Leigh Cole’s work: Agora adviser and Journalism professor Dan Shaw as the Hobbit Frodo Baggins.


Here’s your chance to see your favorite, or least favorite, professors dressed up in Halloween costumes.

Have you ever imagined what professor Sabo would look like as a witch? Or professor Kerste as a mad scientist? How about professor Naber as Dracula?

Students can vote for a professor on the poll on The Agora website.

Agora artist Leigh Cole is going to draw caricatures of five faculty members as Halloween characters for the next edition.

The Agora staff put together a list of names of 25 faculty that we think will make the best Halloween characters. 

If students want to vote for a professor who is not on the list, they can email their request to The Agora

Students can get involved by voting, and by encouraging their friends to go to the website to vote.

If students want to see the professor they selected win, they may want to campaign for that professor. 

The more people who vote for that professor, the more likely he or she will appear in the next paper. 

The next edition will reveal the five “lucky” professors. 

Voting closes on Oct. 28, so have your votes in by then.