Students frustrated by relocation of offices

Construction has left students feeling as though they are attempting to navigate through the desert

Many students were confused by the relocation of faculty and administrative offices and classrooms around campus. 

During the installation of the new geothermal heating and cooling systems, the Financial Aid, Admissions, and Registrar Offices were moved to the La-Z-Boy building.

Geothermal installation nearly 75% complete

Grayson Bacarella, president of Student Government, said the change is confusing because many students are not familiar with the Z building, which makes locating specific offices challenging.

Student Samantha Bartley agreed. 

“I’ve been a very involved student since 2014, and found myself feeling lost when trying to find an office that’s been moved,” she said.

Jessica Ryder, a student assistant in the Registrar’s Office, said the move has made organization and communication more difficult.  

Student Victoria Welliver said she wished construction would have started earlier, so everything was back to normal at to the beginning of the fall semester. 

Although many students were confused by the relocation, others said they did not find it challenging.

Students Nathan Betway and Michael Simms both agreed that the relocation overall was fairly smooth. 

“Hopefully, it went fairly smooth for the college,” he added. 

Bacarella noted that it’s only a temporary problem.

“Despite these gripes, it really isn’t a huge deal as long as they’re back to their normal spots soon,” he said. 

Mark Hall, the Director of Admissions and Guidance Services, said he is glad to be moving back to the A building soon.

Hall also said there was no noticeable change in the amount of students helped in the admissions office. 

All offices should return to their normal locations toward the middle of October.

Student government meetings set.