Construction professor Alex Babycz retires

Alex Babycz says he finally got permission from his wife to retire after 28 years at MCCC. 

Alex Babycz is retiring.

Babycz, an assistant professor of construction management technology, taught auto service when he first started at MCCC. Babycz said the college wanted to get rid of the auto service program and asked him to teach construction management courses.
He took graduate courses at Eastern Michigan University to gain the credentials to teach construction management.
Babycz said it is hard leaving, because he has a lot of memories with students.
“I will miss the students the most, but I wouldn’t be completely honest if I didn’t say I won’t miss all of them,” Babycz joked. “I get sappy when it comes to the students.”
Babycz said his wife has a list of things for them to do once he is retired.
“I have a cottage up north, so I would like to spend more time there,” he said. “I also like biking and have dogs that need to be walked every day.”
He also has a passion for sustainability along with building and fixing up low income houses for families in Detroit.
“It helps make the community a better place,” Babycz said.