CIS professor Gregory Leinbach retires

Professor Gregory Leinbach has spent a lifetime teaching and enriching lives at MCCC. But, on June 18, 2016 Mr. Leinbach will be retiring from the college teaching family.
Leinbach has worked here for 34 years and has taught a myriad of courses in both math and CIS, his classes have ranged from advanced programing languages to basic math and Microsoft Office skills.
“Going into the classroom is my favorite part,” Leinbach said. “Over the last few years I’ve taught a lot of online classes and I enjoy that, but not to the same extent.”
In his time here at MCCC the Professor has worked with many great teachers, who he believes share a special bond with the students.
“The instructors here are interested in the students,” he said. “Much more than in some schools where they may be more interested in publishing or research. But here they seem to be interested in learning.”
His admiration for the people of MCCC also extends to the students.
“There’s a tremendous mix of students and they are all hard working,” he said. “A lot of them are raising families, earning a living, and taking classes and that’s a real challenge for a student.”
“Generally they make a very good effort,” Leinbach said “They are here to learn, and I very much have enjoyed teaching them.”  
Despite his love of the school and everyone in it, Prof. Leinbach’s time at the college has had its challenges.
“There are students that pick this up really quickly and could do well at any school out there,” he said. “But, there are some that are more challenged and it becomes difficult to know sometimes what pace to go at. For some students you are going too slow and for some you are going too fast.”
The best part of Leinbach’s time here at MCCC is hearing from students whose lives have been made better through his teaching.
“I’ve felt rewarded when students have come back and they have a career in the computer field and are successful,” he said. “But, many of the classes I teach can be used by people in a totally different field. Everything has got a computer in it nowadays.”  
After an illuminating career, Gregory Leinbach plans to spend time with his grandkids, travel, and do something many one day hope to be able to do as well:
“I’d like to sit some morning and have a leisurely cup of coffee,” he said. “That seems like a hard thing to do. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble filling the days at all, I’m looking forward to it.”