Power House rocks MCCC cafeteria

Bubba Wilson plays in the MCCC Cafeteria on Feb. 24.

In honor of Black History Month, local blues band "Bubba Wilson and the Power House’"played in the MCCC cafeteria on Feb. 24.

The cafeteria was high in energy as band and students shared in an appreciation for old fashioned blues.

Many students expressed admiration for the bands old-time feel, including David Hogan.

"I think they represent a simpler time of music. A time when music was made to make you feel happy and excited," Hogan said.

The band takes influence from musicians like B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Carlos Santana, but Bubba Wilson, the band’s front man, hasn’t always listened to blues.

"I started listening to rock and roll, like Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath. Then I thought ‘Well where did this come from,’ so I’d go back and listen to B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Buddy King," Wilson said.

According to Wilson, rock and roll has deep roots in blues music.

"A lot of it was these British musicians who would listen to old black blues players," Wilson said.

"Blues set the standard as to what the rest of the world would come to know as rock and roll, which ended up becoming one of the most important music genres of all time."

For Wilson, the blues is an integral part of the music we listen to, and to his life.

"I would not do what I do were it not for the likes of black musicians," Wilson said.

Wilson does not think negatively of the fact that Student Government hired an all-white band to honor Black History Month. For him, it’s a matter of respect.

"It doesn’t matter to me where the music is coming from, it doesn’t matter whether they are African American or Latino, the blues is the blues and the blues we owe to the African American community," Wilson said.

Bubba Wilson and the Power House is a four-member band, with Wilson as lead, Allen Bacus on bass, Eddie Mark as the keyboardist, and Dave Sneed on drums.

You can follow them on Facebook at Facebook.com/bubbawilsonmusician, and see them live on March 17 at Thirsty’s from 9:30 to 1:30.

You can download their new EP, ‘Exit 17’ on ITunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, and E-Music.