Top ten video games released in 2015

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt 

Putting together a list of “best” games for 2015 is much harder than expected. So, here are my top 10 games of 2015.

10. “Undertale” – Developer: Toby Fox Publisher: Toby Fox   

To understand this strange creation, you have to play it. “Undertale” belongs on this list because of its unique premise, world, characters, and its cultural significance. Most gamers would strongly recommend this short experience.

9. “Cities Skylines” – Developer: Colossal Order  Publisher: Paradox Interactive  

“Cities Skylines” is what the most recent “SimCity” should have been. A fun, offline experience with surprising depth. “Skylines” is the ultimate city building game and is a must own for fans of the old “SimCity.”

8. “Fallout 4” – Developer: Bethesda Game Studios   Publisher: Zenimax Media  

“Fallout 4” is a great game. It has a well written story, fun characters, and great gunplay. However, “Fallout 4” is a terrible “Fallout” game. It sacrifices the idea of player agency and roleplay present in previous installments for shooting and base building.

7. “Rainbow 6” Siege – Developer: Ubisoft Montreal  Publisher: Ubisoft

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this game. “Siege” is a game about working with a team, carefully considering your options, and properly carrying out a tactical defense or attack. The tense action of this game leads to such unbridled satisfaction when it goes right, I had to put it on this list.

6. “Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain” – Developer: Kojima Productions  Publisher: Konami

“Metal Gear Solid 5” is a wonderful game made in a bad environment. The game’s lackluster third act and a large number of micro transactions for the multiplayer component are a result of the internal war happening between the game’s creator Hideo Kojima and his publisher Konami. Because of this, the game is held back from its full potential, but it is still a fantastic work of art.

5. “Bloodborne” – Developer: From Software  Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

“Bloodborne” is an incredible experience that combines horror with difficulty. Behind every corner is a terrifying creatures that makes you consider each move because any move could be your last. The difficulty is the kind that helps you learn from your mistakes, and makes you eager to try again.

4. “Until Dawn” – Developer: Supermassive Games  Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

“Until Dawn” has no right to be as good as it is. Nearly every attempt made by developers to combine the cinematic nature of movies with the player agency of games has failed. However, where others fail, “Until Dawn” succeeds. Using the horror tropes of a teen slasher flick and the unique and tense premise of working to keep the main cast alive until dawn, this sleeper hit is one of the best games of this year.

3. “Soma” – Developer: Frictional Games  Publisher: Frictional Games

“Soma” is a horror game that takes place in an abandoned Sci-Fi underwater research facility. Without spoiling anything, this game’s terrifying creatures and world forces you to ask yourself what it means to be human, and it will put your answer to the test.  

2. “Rocket League” – Developer: Psyonix  Publisher: Psyonix

Playing soccer with cars that have rocket boosters. Need I say more? Yes? Long story short, “Rocket League” came out of nowhere, with the unique, incredibly fun, and addicting premise of playing a fast paced game of soccer with otherworldly physics and rocket powered cars.  

1. “The Witcher 3” – Developer: CD Projeckt RED  Publisher: CD Projeckt

The best game of 2015 is “The Witcher 3”. With over 200 Game of the Year awards won, I am in no way alone in saying this. “The Witcher’s” excellent, tactical, and customizable gameplay only adds to its excellent world, characters, and story. This is how games should be, a world and story you truly care about and the agency to directly affect both. The “Witcher 3” is, without a doubt, the best of 2015.