Students enjoy tastes, sounds from around world

The foreign language department hosted a Culture Night on Nov. 11, providing food from around the world.

The focus of the evening was for students to enjoy a relaxing night of foreign food and discussion.

Students also were able to showcase their talents. Derek Malhoit, Miyuki Zerke, Katie Wicker, and Samantha Bartley performed songs on the piano, Andrew Rayl played the violin, Tyler Lambert played the trumpet, and Darian Branham and Raiann Porkarski played charades.

The German 151 class also sang a traditional German song.

"It was nice that all of the language classes could learn over food and culture beyond learning the language in class," Jessica Ryder said.

She said her favorite food was the beef bourguignonne, which seemed to be a big hit, along with the German chocolate cake.

Tacos and German sausage were also available, as well as multiple other desserts.