MCCC Writing Fellows host Poetry Night

The MCCC Writing Fellows held their annual Poetry Night at MCCC’s Little Theatre Oct. 29.

The theatre was decorated with cobwebs and there was plenty of apple cider and donuts in the hall outside.

Students and faculty shared their original writing and recited the work of their favorite poets.

Foreign poetry was featured as well, with readings of the famous Chinese poem, “Taking Leave of Cambridge Again,” by Xu Zhimo, and the Indian poem, “Where The Mind Is Without Fear,” by Rabindranath Tagore.

MCCC English professors read the two poems in English, followed by readings by Zijun Ning and Technology Division Dean Parmeshwar Coomar.

Coomar spoke on China and India’s peaceful relationship.

“I’m glad a Chinese poem was read and now a Bengali poem will be,” he said.

Sierra Taylor’s original poem, “In The Dark,” was a twist on Halloween’s typical scary stories full of ghosts and the like. Instead, she chose to focus on the real evil that happens in the dark.

“I wanted something dark, but not too dark,” Taylor said “Something with a religious twist.”

MCCC student Ryleigh Byrne also delivered an emotional performance of her original work, “To The Rest of The World.

“It’s emotional and nerve-wracking, putting all your emotion out in the open,” Byrne said.