Holidays stressful, yet beautiful

Depending on the type of person you are, you either love or hate fall in Michigan.

Some love the idea of fall and all that it brings. I am one of these people.

I love all warm drinks, the look and sound of the leaves crunching when I walk my dogs, the warm sweaters, leggings, and boots, football tailgates, and the anticipation fall brings for the holidays.

For some, fall is a sad time because of the holidays. If you have lost loved ones, or have watched your parents go through a divorce,  the holidays may not be a happy time for you.

Despite these feelings toward Thanksgiving or Christmas, the spirit of the holidays and the season are ones that cannot be denied.

It is hard not to smile when you walk through the mall and see kids squealing with excitement as they sit on Santa’s lap.

I cannot help but feel overwhelmed with a sense of joy from the time Thanksgiving begins until the time Christmas ends, because people’s happiness becomes contagious.

With the craziness of Black Friday shopping and the stress of families coming to town for extended periods of time, I can understand why some would not enjoy this time of year.

Also, if you hate the cold, living in Michigan can make this not as enjoyable, because you are too busy freezing by the time Thanksgiving hits.

As college students, the holiday season is also a stressful time because of all the homework, final papers, and exams. I do understand all of these things, and how it would be easy not to enjoy this time of year.

Still, the positives tremendously outweigh the negatives.

Christmas mornings are something no one ever forgets, and something almost everyone looks forward to.

Even if you are frozen in November, you cannot deny the beauty of the trees all over Michigan.

No matter how old you are, hot chocolate always seems to make you feel like a kid again, and you have a hard time saying no when someone offers you it.

Giving gifts may take on more meaning to you, now that you are the one doing the shopping and putting all of the thought into it.

I guess what I want to leave students with this holiday season is encouragement.

Many of us balance school and work and this time of the year is extremely stressful.

Don’t let your stress take away from everything you could be enjoying at the same time.

Maybe when you drive home today, you will see the leaves — and smile.