Student Government ready to elect officers

Student Government members pass out food at the Back-to-School Barbeque. 

MCCC Student Government will elect new officers on Tuesday, Sept. 29.
The meeting will be at 12:30 p.m., in the Cellar of the Administration Building.
Six students will be elected for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Liaison, and Historian. 
Students considering running for President include Cole McNew, Caitlyn Davies, and Jessica Ryder.
 Tom Ryder, adviser to Student Government, said he’s looking forward to the new year.
 “Student Government had a great year last year,” Ryder said. “Last year’s group was a very strong group that bonded very quickly.  They completed over 50 events and activities, including some large events like the Sweetheart Ball and Family Fun Night.”
 Returning members say they would like to keep the amount of events around 50, or even more, while also maintaining the quality of the events. 
The group is talking about bringing back Family Fun Night, the Sweetheart Ball, blood drives, and Habitat for Humanity events this year. 
“We have 20 returning members this year, so I think it will be another strong year,” Ryder said.
In addition to the returning members are 15 new students who are considering joining. 
“I am excited for an opportunity to meet new people. A friend of mine really enjoyed Student Government and got me to join,”  said  new member Emily Cornett.
Student Government started off the year with the annual Back-to-School Barbeque. 
The committee as a whole believes that the barbeque was a huge success. 
Hundreds of people attended to learn about the many clubs MCCC offers, like the International Studies Club and Gay-Straight Alliance, who had tables at the barbecue. 
Local businesses also set up tables to welcome back students, including Monroe Bank & Trust and Buffalo Wild Wings.