MCCC hosts graduation

This video was captured by Josh Cappuccilli and edited by Jaclyn Young.

The class of 2015 consisted of 494 graduates and 123 of those turned their tassels with honors.

One of those graduates is Kayla Corne.

“I got a full ride to the University of Toledo, and I’m going into to speech language pathology,” Corne said.

The graduates were treated with a testimony from Carrie Nartker.

When alumnus of the year Carrie Nartker was in high school she received a presidential scholarship to attend MCCC for two years without charge.

When one of her teachers heard her plans, they expressed their disappointment because they believed she was too smart for a community college.

When Nartker explained this to her parents they disagreed and she graduated from MCCC with an associate’s degree.

As she addressed the graduating class of 2015, she stopped to say one thing to her parents in the audience.

“Thanks mom and dad,” Nartker said.

Nartker earned her associates degree in 1996 and received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from the University of Toledo. She moved on to earn her doctorate and became a professor here at the college. Nartker credits her success to her formative years here at MCCC.

“If anyone tries to make you feel inferior because you started at a community college, you just hold your head up high. You didn’t begin at any community college, you began at Monroe County Community College,” Nartker said.

Vice President Grace Yackee introduced honorary grand marshall and retiring professor of 22 years Lana Shyrock with some very kind words.

“She is simply a remarkable person and a shining example of poise and character,” Yackee said.

Board member James Devries introduced James Hunter, the speaker who addressed the graduating class.

“I regard him as a friend, and I regard him as a fellow traveler on our servant journeys,” Devries said.  

Hunter began with a laugh.

“I’m the only thing between you and your diploma right now. One more obstacle, you have to listen to me talk,” joked Hunter.

Hunter addressed the graduating class about “Leadership and Choices.” He explained to the graduates that the world is hungry for leaders with character and asked a simple question.

“Do you leave things better than you found them?” Hunter asked.

Hunter speaks on leadership to large corporations all over the globe. He related that these companies hire for character and train for skill. In closing he warned the graduates to be aware of their choices.

“Have courage and be kind,” Hunter said.

Zach Porter graduated magna cum laude and is already working.

“I actually just got a full time job at a nursing home and probably down the line I’ll earn my bachelor’s degree from Sienna Heights University,” Porter said.

Patricia Meyer attended the ceremony to support her granddaughter Jessica Meyer. This is the fifth person in her family to graduate from the college.

Patricia was a graduate of the first nursing class at the college and worked as a nurse for 25 years.

“I only got into the class because I was old,” Meyer said.

She thinks it’s wonderful to watch so many of her family members succeed at the school.