Angerer, Fonseca, Rayburn win top honors

Kaylee Angerer accepts the award fo student of the year from Professor Bill McCoskey at the 2015 honors night.

Dr. Ron Campbell enjoys watching students and the college succeed.
“It’s given a lot of people a lot opportunities that they never would have had,” Campbell said.
Campbell, who was MCCC’s founding president and retired 30 years ago, wants to be part of the Honors Night program as long as he is able to.
“I hope I’ll be around another 10 years so I can do a better job,” Campbell joked.
Kaylee Angerer won the Outstanding Student Award, computer professor Dustin Rayburn was named Outstanding Adjunct Faculty, and biology professor Maris Fonseca won the Outstanding Faculty Award.
Student Darren Fitzgerald was presented with the Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Award and the Outstanding Student Program of the Year Award.
“It’s really because of my instructors; Lori Bean has honestly been my life coach,” Fitzgerald said.
Fitzgerald is involved with Student Government and he is president of the Math and Science Society.
“Graduating from the middle college really helped me prepare for college courses, but Lori really pushed me to where I can be ready to take classes at the university level,” Fitzgerald said.
Fitzgerald had one final comment for his professors.
“To all my instructors, I’m sorry about my hand writing, “Fitzgerald joked. 
Student Caroline Moore also credits her success to her professors.
“They’re great role models and mentors and I’m really thankful for everything they have done for me,” Moore said.
Moore was presented the Outstanding Respiratory Therapy Student Award by professor Bonnie Boggs.
“I’m ecstatic, I’ve wanted this since I started the program,” Moore said.
Boggs is assured that Moore is destined to go on and do great things.
“I might be looking at the future CEO of the Henry Ford Health System,” Boggs said.
Tim Dillon, professor of English, presented Jake Adams with the George Rhodes Writing Fellow Award. This award is presented to the writing fellow who embodies the spirit of the late George Rhodes, who was himself an exemplary writing fellow.
“I think George Rhodes would be very proud of him,” Dillon said.
Student Olga Nichols was named a 2015 Business Management Scholar along with three other students. Nichols moved to the United States from the Ukraine four years ago.
“I came back to school after 20 plus years, so I had to start kind of from the beginning, “Nichols said.

Wednesday April 29 the Meyer Theater filled with students, and faculty waiting to be recognized at this years Honors Night.

The following shows the awards and their recipients.

Outstanding Student of the Year: Kaylee Angerer

Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award: Dustin Rayburn

Outstanding Faculty Award: Dr. Maris Fonseca

Dr. Ronald Campbell Student Government Award:  Shelby Angilley Cole McNew

Outstanding Diversity Program of the Year: Gay Straight Alliance

Outstanding CIS Student: Eric Johnson

Outstanding Business Management Student: Patricia Parker

2015 Business Management Scholars: Melissa Brooks-Springer, Olga Nichols, Zachary Porter, Tesia Feller

International Studies Club Officer Service Awards: Shelby Forrester, Tesia Feller, Jesiqua Hutchinson, Olga Nichols

George Rhodes Writing Fellow Award: Jake Adams

Outstanding GSA Member of the Year Award: Jeremy McGary

Outstanding Nursing Student:  Kristi Folis— Winter, Melissa Gondek— Fall

Spirit of Nursing Award: Kayla Glancy—Winter, Susan Barr—Fall

All-USA Academic Team Nominees: Kayla Corne, Ian Leach

Outstanding Respiratory Therapy Student: Caroline Moore

Industrial Technology Award: Elizabeth Robaskiewicz

Excellence in Journalism Award: Jake Adams, Jeff Brown, Julia Grzywinski, Mika Kitanova, Evan Kutz, Mitch Perkins, Stevie Pipis

Outstanding Journalism Award: Shelby Spencer, Mariah Tevepaugh

Outstanding Leadership Award: Jesiqua Hutchinson

Outstanding Social Science Student: Marisa Gilliam

Outstanding Humanities Student Award: Alee Hill

Outstanding Freshman Chemistry Award: Darren Fitzgerald

Outstanding Organic Chemistry Award: Aleza Borsosky

Outstanding Mathematics Student Award: Yanfie Clawson

President’s Academic Achievement Award: Caitlin Beland, Diane Billau, Sarah Dusseau, Darren Fitzgerald, Alee Hill, Steven Jones, Amanda Neal, Janet Roane, Michael Stuewe, Kaitlyn Webb-Copus

Outstanding Student Program of the Year: Gay Straight Alliance