MCCC Hosts Annual Antiques Show

This month MCCC held the 14th Annual Antiques show, held in the Heal Education building. Sponsored by Sauer Furniture & Antiques.

Campus community events coordinator Tom Ryder explained how Sauer’s has cosponsored the show since day one, and helps secure quality dealers to bring to the show and where to advertise the event.

On Saturday April 11th, the campus saw nearly one thousand attendees and around four hundred the following day.

Several new exhibitors were present this year, with booths representing cities across the greater area.

There were food concessions available and door prizes were given.

One booth visited featured items from featured a Bible acquired by them from a seller on the east coast. It was made in Bloomington Delaware in 1897, and plated with over 20 ounces of sterling silver, weighing in at nineteen pounds. The Bible was made as a thank you gift for a public school that raised money for a warship at the time.

Ryder said that the show went well this year, and that next year to expect some additional activities to celebrate the 15th anniversary.