MCCC Reinstates ‘Automotive Sevice’ Program

After more than 15 long years, MCCC is once again offering an automotive service program.

The director of the new program, Ross Oskui, said that the program is an attempt to address the growing demand for auto technicians.

"I have more jobs than I anticipate students. I'm getting calls every day. 'Do you have any service techs, do you have any service techs?' I haven't even started the program yet," Ross said, followed by a short laugh. "I'm getting calls from as far away as Lansing. They're saying 'we're dying for auto-techs.'"

Oskui, a former teacher at Baker college, said that he first started working at his family's auto shop.

"I started out working in the family business, I grew it to four auto repair shops, I owned four auto repair shops," Ross said. "I left Baker college to go work as an engineer at Chryseler, and from Chrysler I came here."

Ross cites the opprotunity to build the program "from the ground up" as his reason for leaving Chrysler.