50 ways to say no to 50 Shades

If you want to watch a sex film without a good plot save $10 and find it for free on the internet.

Also without having to sit through it with 100 people that you’ve never met before.

50 Shades of Grey was one of those movies that was over-hyped and turned out to be a let-down.

The idea of the story is intriguing, but the film failed to delve into the character details that would have made it worth-while.

There was zero character development in the movie.

It was just here is a girl, and here is a rich man and two minutes later they want to have complicated-contract-involving sex.

As for all of the bondage and torture tools in Christian Grey’s "Red room of pain" I say to each his own.

The sex and violence isn’t what made this a bad film, the lack of story-telling is what did it.

The movie neglected to get into Anastasia’s head.

One decent aspect of the books is that they give a voice to Anastasia’s "inner goddess" which sheds some light on the internal conflict that she faces through-out the story.

The movie on the other hand just shows several scenes of her crying without any explanation.

At one point the friend that I brought with me to see the movie leaned over and asked, "Why is she crying?"

For anyone who had read the books previous to the movie there were more details that were understood, but the film still left lots of questions hanging in the air, especially the ending.

This movie takes first place for worst ending ever.

The general design of a movie or book is that there is character development, then a conflict which builds to a climax and then finally a resolution.

50 Shades skips the character development, has tons of conflict and then when you think the conflict is going to reach it’s heightened point it just ends.

All good movies come from great books right? Well in this case a terrible movie came from a mediocre book.

I think the reason everyone is so hooked on 50 Shades is because it’s exciting for pornographic books and movies to suddenly be socially acceptable.

People in their 20’s are into it because it’s like public porn without the judgment, and older women are into it because it is just an edgier version of their romance novels with whips and restraints thrown in.