Students make presentation at MCCC board meeting

This month at the MCCC Board of Trustees meeting a new program was introduced by MCCC’s Student Government.

Other topics discussed at the meeting included contracts of professors, calendar dates and holiday breaks

The new program starting this month with student government members attending the board meeting to report on their progress. It was spearheaded by Student Government members Shelby Angilley, Cole NcNew, and Chase Lindecker.

The plan is to have the heads of Student Government present their progress once every semester to the board.

“It’s good to keep the board involved so they can understand what we are doing to keep the students involved,” Student Government liaison Chase Lindecker said.

The heads of the Student Government presented information on events that helped the MCCC community grow, as well as events that boosted Student Government morale.

“The reason why we had the students come tonight is because they are part of our constituency. Who are the most important people here on this campus? Students are the most important people here on this campus,” President Kojo Quartey said.

They also gave the board members a heads up on events that are coming up during the remainder of the semester.

“Our students are very involved and they are the most viable part of this institution,” Quartey said.