Fitness center encourages competition

Student Nick Scheer works on his pushups at the MCCC Fitness Center.

The Fitness center is holding challenges for students and faculty to help promote fitness as they bring in the New Year. 

Fitness instructor Karen Turner is helping participants train for the Push Up Challenge. Training sheets are passed out each week for participants to help them prepare for the challenge.

There are twenty people who are already signed up for the challenge but any one is able to sign up for it still. 

The challenge will be held on Friday, March 6th at noon. Pushups will be recorded and the participant who does the most pushups will receive a $25 gas gift card.

The other competition being held in the fitness center is the Spring Break Slim Down Challenge.

There are five people participating in the seven week long challenge and they each weigh in once a week. The winner will be whoever loses the most weight by percentage. This is done to make things fair to all participating no matter how much they weigh at the start of the challenge.

The winner will also receive a $25 gas gift card when the final weigh in is done on March 2nd.