Hey Rosetta! brings new sound on album

Indie-rock band Hey Rosetta! have released its fourth album Second Sight. Sadly, it wont be released in the U.S. until January 27th. The good news is it is currently available to stream at exclaim.ca.

The seven piece band hails from the icy streets of St. Johns, Newfoundland. Their sound has been compared to Arcade Fire, Half Moon Run, Said The Whale, and Wintersleep.

It has been about three years since their last album, Seeds. Since then they have added a new member, Mara Pellerin, on french horn, trumpet, and backup vocals. Her addition has added a wide variety of new sounds to the band.

Second Sight was produced by Marcus Paquin at Montreal’s MixArt Studios and will be released through Sonic Records and Warner Music Canada. Paquin has worked with other bands such as The National and Arcade Fire.

Second Sight starts off with “Soft Offering (For the Oft Suffering).” This track is the perfect way to begin the 12 track album.

Their single “Kintsukuroi” will definitely be a radio hit. Kintsukuroi is a reference to the Japanese technique of fixing broken pottery with gold or silver making more beautiful than it was unbroken.

This album has less of a string section compared to their other albums which is a slight disappointment but they make up for it with experimental pop songs “Kid Gloves” and “Neon Beyond”. “Harriet” and “Dream” deliver a melodic harmony that will make any concert crowd get up on their feet to sing along.

The album ends with the moving "Trish's Song". It's slow and beautiful melody is the perfect way to end the album.

Second Sight is everything you want in an indie-rock album and more. It is now available for purchase at heyrosetta.com. Hey Rosetta! will be playing at The Majestic Theater in Detroit on Nov. 22. Tickets are available at majesticdetroit.com.