The Great Pumpkin Pursuit chilly but fun

Residents of Monroe County and surrounding areas went for a crisp, fun run Saturday on the MCCC campus.

Toledo resident Catie Perry said that the weather wasn't the best this year for the Great Pumpkin Pursuit, but the race was up to par.

"It was cold, but it went well," she said. 

The participants enjoyed a 5k at the main campus on Saturday, Oct. 4. The proceeds went to the Foundation at MCCC for the Endowed Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships for studens who atted MCCC. 

There was also a raffle for a hand-made quilt to support the Mary Mossingo Cobb Memorial Scholarship. 

Runners were awarded based on time for different age groups, ranging from 10 to 60-plus; every runner was given a participation ribbon.

Monroe County resident Jeannie Brott said she thought the race went well. 

"It was an awesome race," Brott said. "We're always looking for fun races."