MCCC works to provide bowling for students

Efforts to get MCCC students bowling have taken a new turn. 

At the beginning of the semester, the college proposed a student bowling league at Nortel Lanes in Monroe. 

Tom Ryder, the Campus Community Events/Student Activities coordinator for MCCC, is an avid bowler.

In the spring of 2014, he and Duane Pfund, the owner of Nortel Lanes, began planning a bowling league for college students.

But the deadline for signing up for the bowling league came and went last week, with no takers.

So Ryder and Pfund have switched to proposing an MCCC Bowling Night, when  any student can bowl, at a discounted cost.

Creating another opportunity for students to bond and enjoy their time while at MCCC is one of Ryder’s biggest goals. He hoped that through a bowling league students would feel a sense of community with their fellow students.

Despite the appeal of an affordable activity on a weekly basis, when asked, students responded with little interest toward the idea of joining the bowling league.

“It’s just not something I could see myself doing,” said Zach Morrison, a 19-year-old veterinarian student.

Ryder and Pfund had requested that at least one of the three members on a team be a student at the college when the league was being planned. With the bowling night, a student ID would be required to get deals on bowling, food, and drinks.

Pfund was going to give deals to all people playing in the league, but that now will be extended to students that night.

“I tried to make it as cheap as possible so college kids could come out one night a week and enjoy themselves,” Pfund said.

The bowling night will be an opportunity for relaxing and having fun, while playing a sport Pfund and Ryder both play on a consistent basis. All college students are welcome to join.

“You don’t have to be big or strong to play the game,” said Pfund. “It’s something everyone can enjoy.”