Fall’s Bestsellers, Collections, and Legends

Not even a year into the PlayStation 4’s life, Sony has already sold 10 million consoles, which makes it the fasting selling console in history at this point.

“It’s clear that the socially connected experience that lies at the heart of the ps4 has resonated with gamers everywhere,” said Jim Ryan President and CEO of and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe at Sony’s Gamescom Press briefing. “And just to be clear, that means 10 million ps4s sold through to consumers.”

Along with these amazing sales figures, Sony has an awesome lineup for this fall. Unfortunately, most of Sony’s first party or third party exclusive titles are not coming this holiday, leaving only Little Big Planet 3 and Drive Club slated for this year’s AAA exclusive titles.

Little Big Planet 3 is technically the fifth title of the franchise and aims to change the game with a few new elements of gameplay. Little Big Planet 3 will feature three new playable characters who will help Sac Boy explore the world, each with a unique way to play.

Drive Club is a team-based racing game that allows players to earn rewards not only based on their own performance, but the performance of their club mates.

“For a long time racing games were intimidating, they required that you go it alone and win every race. And for a lot of people that made racing hard to enjoy. In Drive Club we want to break down that wall to make it easy for everyone who loves racing to hit the road and have fun,” said Paul Rustchynsky, game director at Evolution Studios.

Drive Club will also include a dynamic weather system that will af- fect the way your car handles. What Sony lacks in first party exclusives this fall, it more than makes up for it with a plethora of exclusive content coming from third party developers.

Kick starting the overwhelmingly large fall game lineup is Bungie’s long-awaited Destiny. Destiny will be released on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles but will include exclusive content and features for Sony’s consoles.

Consumers who purchase Destiny on either the PS3 or PS4 will re- ceive an exclusive multiplayer map, strike mission, armor sets and ships that will not be available on other platforms until an undetermined fu- ture date.

Sony is also releasing a Destiny System bundle which will come with the game and an awesome white PS4. Far Cry 4 will also be releasing this fall and if you purchase it for the PS4 you get 10 keys to invite 10 friends to play a two-hour preview of the open world co-op gameplay.

This is an exclusive offer for PS4 customers only. These are just two of the many examples of third-party games that will be receiving exclusive content on the PS4 along with Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Overall it’s a big year for the PS4 and with its third-party support, consumers can rest assured that they will continue to get the most out of their new consoles.