What to watch on Netflix

Whether laying in bed on a lazy Sunday or having an at-home movie date, streaming subscription service Netflix can be daunting to sift through. Too often, viewers spend more time looking for something to watch, flicking through thousands of titles, than they spend actually watching the program they pick. So let us do the work for you and check out these hidden gems of Netflix.

There's a kid in all of us and there are plenty of titles to help walk you down nostalgia lane. With the last Netflix update, several different Pokemon titles became available to stream. Get your Pokeballs out because Pokemon:Indigo League and Pokemon:Black & White are now available. Sticking with cartoons, other classics available include Scooby-Doo: Mystery Inc. and The Rugrats in Paris.

Science lovers, learn about what lies beneath the surfaces of the ocean in the educational series Blue Planet. Where else would you learn that the killer whales tongue weighs the same as an elephant?! While there are only eight episodes, this visually-spectacular series is a wealth of knowledge. Cosmos: A Spacetime Oddessey is a revival of Carl Sagan’s famous series. Let new host Neil Degrasse Tyson take you on a virtual tour through space and narrate cartoon history lessons.

Mindless action is what you will find in Machete Kills. Danny Trejo stars in this hilariously cheesy, action romp as an ex-federal agent who is hired by the president (a hilarious Charlie Sheen) personally to save the United States. With cameos from a not-so-Modern-Family-friendly Sofia Vergara and a surprise Lady Gaga, you will be entertained to say the least.

Comedy club dates can be enjoyed from your own house; Netflix features a slew of stand- up specials from infamous comedians to up-and-comers. Comedy masterminds George Carlin and Louis C.K. both have several specials available. If you’re more a fan of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, the booze-swiggin,’ foul-mouthed Ron White has a couple specials available as well. While he has gained notoriety in the comedy world, you may not have heard of Bill Burr. Check out his specials Let It Go and You People Are All The Same, available to stream now.

Bingewatch series are great for those weekends spent at home. The CW network’s Arrow is a relatively new superhero TV show, based on the DC Comics character, Green Arrow. Two seasons are available to stream right now and recommended for fans of Batman who are looking to explore other characters in the DC universe. If quirky comedies are more your style, be sure to check out Portlandia, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, or The IT Crowd all available to stream and all adorably odd enough to keep watching.